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How ‘smart’ is your home?
Is it keeping up with the rest of your life?

Life is busy, time is an expensive commodity and one we can never get back. The world is getting
smarter as technology takes us to a new level of intelligence every day.

Kidd Automation provides complete ‘smart’ control solutions for homes, boats and commercial environments.

We design and commission the system you need, integrating everything electronic into a simple control interface.

With iPhones, iPads, android devices and remotes you take control of the music, video, lighting and window treatments, automation, heating, security, access control, pool and spa…everything you want to control.

Let us simplify the tech side of your lifestyle.


Everyone responds to music, it’s like breathing. There are so many options available to meet your expectations for listening to your music.

When it comes to music you choose the location, genre, clarity and volume. Now pick the shape, texture, colour and performance of the speakers. From perfect monitor reproduction to invisible wall speakers we can design the right system for you.

These Devialet Phantoms pictured left sound amazing.


Whether a TV in the living space or a dedicated room with projection, everyone enjoys a great movie.

We can install an ultra-high definition system in your favourite space. Surround sound can now be invisible, whether on a modest budget or a desire for earth shattering performance we can bring you the best including acoustic treatments for your home theatre layout.


Lighting systems allow your whole home to transform the focus of light for your style of living. It provides the easiest control of areas and rooms from anywhere in the world that you desire.

Select ‘Dining’ and your scene may include the living room features and dim down the kitchen and scullery preparation areas.

A ‘Goodnight’ button at your bedside turns off the lights inside and out, lowers the blinds, closes the louvres and drapes, with automation it could close the garage doors, turn off any AV and set the perimeter alarm.

Leaving lights on by accident when heading away overseas is no problem for you with an all off button and complete house control that can be accessed from your phone anywhere in the world.

Together we can create scenes just right for you.


This enables you to have all your technology talking together to perform complete scenes and bring convenience for every day settings.

Choosing to watch Netflix could lower the blinds and dim the lights while turning on the TV and sound….on a cold night it could even turn on the fire.

Leaving for the week or longer? On the way out press vacation and have the alarm arm, set back the heating, lower the northern blinds and the lights mimic your normal activity.


Kidd Automation has been an industry leader for over 15 years.  We bring the best available technology integrating it together for the ultimate experience from design to delivery of control with power and ease.

We are based on the North Shore of Auckland servicing projects from the Bay of Islands to Queenstown.

Our team delivers results on time and without compromise. We specialise in music and video, lighting and automation, integration of blinds, drapes, security, access control, pools….anything electronic.

We pride ourselves in creating a system for you that meets your desires and stays within budget.